Unlike termites, ants are leaner and more agile. They have narrow bodies that are constricted at the thorax and abdomen. They also have longer legs and antenna.

They have three body segments .

Ants will venture out into the open where termites require the protection of nests ,in ground ,above ground and underground and the protection to travel in mud tubes(leads).

You will find them crawling around out in the open searching for food. Almost all termite species prefer to stay out of the open and are rarely seen.

Distinguishing features of Ants:

  • Narrow Body
  • Longer Legs
  • Longer Elbowed Antenna
  • Generally Darker Colored


Common Name:
Roof/Black/Ship Rat

Adults with combined head & body length are 6-8″, Tail length 7-10″. Usual weight 150-250 gms but can grow to 340 gms. Fur is soft & smooth.Colour is usually brown with black intermixed to gray to black above with the underside white, gray or black. Muzzle is pointed, Ears are large. Tail is scaly and uniformly dark, longer than head and body combined.

The key to any rat control program is Pest Identification, Sanitation & Rat Proofing the Building. Some important things to remember are: (a) Rats defecate where they spend most of their time. Use the droppings as an indication to concentrate the control effort. (b) Rats travel 100-150 ft for food/water along established paths. Look for rub/swing marks.Control methods include Toxic/Non toxic Tracking Powder, Baits, Traps, Glue Boards along established pathways, Gassing (fumigating) of burrows.


Spider control services from PPP Texas Pest Control, Inc. are prompt, effective and reasonably priced. Our courteous staff is well-trained in all aspects of pest management, including the latest methods for spider control. Home owners have used our spider control and pest removal services since 1996.

Spider control is necessary for cleanliness and, in some cases, safety. There are some dangerous species which can bite and cause health problems. PPP Texas Pest Control, Inc. can easily control any spider species, whether safe or harmful.

» Spider Pest Control Method

  • Spider pest control is not necessary in the garden or in trees or shrubs away from buildings
  • We examine your premises both inside and outside to find the source and then treat the spider infestation
  • Our spider pest control includes elimination of webs and nests at doorways and by outdoor lights
  • We treat other potential entry points, such as soffit areas, vent openings, window frames, as well as the foundation


House crickets are closely related to grasshoppers and locusts, like them they have hind legs which are modified for jumping. They have two pairs of wings though only the back wings are used in flight. House crickets often show up in new buildings most likely because such places provide good shelter and food, and half finished houses are easy to enter.

Only the male cricket sings to attract a mate. Crickets rub the teeth on the edge of one wing against a rough scraper on the opposite wing, using it as a bow. House crickets take 60-90 days to complete their life cycle. Eggs are deposited in whatever damp substrate is provided. Juveniles resemble the adults except for being smaller and wingless. Females lay between 50 to 100 eggs hatching 2 to 3 weeks.

Crickets will eat almost any kind of organic matter. They prefer soft plant matter, but will eat other insects and carrion. Most of the crickets do not live in your house except the cave and spider cricket who can live in your ground level crawl spaces. So to prevent them you have to primarily treat the spaces outdoor where they thrive.